Update on Stuff (Yes, Stuff)

Now, I am always trying to try new things (it’s new for me… trust me….), and I want to start some…. stories I guess. I am quite torn on three topics I have though. I am torn on what I should do (because doing all three could make my mind blow up just like the Earth did in my apocalypse world). These are the 3 topics:

  1. Having a more in depth apocalypse world, with me being able to go in more detail (then maybe I could move my three installments already into that and then just either archive or just delete them here). I would be able to have more… I guess, space and time and such, and more options.
  2. Writing about a high school for special teenagers that have powers (totally not off rps I have done). It would be where teenagers with special powers go to a school, and it would be very nice I think. It’s a good topic, but the last one would be something have I have not seen at all (and I have read *many* things)
  3. It would be about a little group of people, who all have their own problems and such. It would be based off real experiences I have had (yes, I am in a nice small group, and it is amazing. The people there really care about me. (One even has a crush on me *MEEP*)), and I would really like to do it, but I don’t know if people would be interested in it.

Comment down your ideas! I would love to hear feedback!

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