Tips and Tricks: Minecraft #2

Minecraft is a sandbox game created by a Swedish company called Mojang, created by Markuss Persson. With a wide ranged of what you can do with it, it is a very popular game with hitting in 2013 over 10 million downloads. With a wide range from surviving the night of a minecraft world to flying around building structures to playing with other people to making nukes and destroying the world, it has a wide ranged for almost any type of gamer. Hardcore survivor? Great, try Hardcore mode. A builder with imagination? Amazing, go to the Creative Super Flat world. Person who likes going alone? Singleplayer is your type of thing. Want to go have fun with other people, destroying bases and stealing people’s items? Go onto a faction server. Peaceful type who wants people to admire your astounding builds? Go to a nice creative server. (The power of copy and paste :D)

How to survive the zombie apocalypse. Note this can help you for in real life zombie apocalypse situations. Last sentence, no no no. Don’t take this advice to the bank of real life please. I like my viewers to be alive.

This tip is for maps/mods. Or maybe they will add such things as immense zombie hordes where they tear down walls of bases and will make your life hell. No no. This is different. Here is a way to survive in a zombie apocalypse map (As if you couldn’t tell, I do A LOT of them).

  1. If it is a map where you just run around and find stuff then, good for you. Here is my only tip: Check every, single, damn, place, there is. Explore the mountains, explore the oceans (you never know when a sunk ship will have tons of loot), explore the bathrooms with zombies in them (maybe kill the zombies first).


Here is for if you have LIMITED resources:

  1. Be careful on what you craft, what you use, and if you make a mistake, that could cost you. I have played a map or two where one mis craft could cost you your life. Here is a tip: If you craft something you didn’t want to, make the best of it. I accidentally made slabs one time, you know what I do, I make the best out of it and make windows where skeletons can’t shoot me.
  2. If you are on an ONLY ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE map, make sure you do the following: Use anything to kill a zombie if you need it. Go fist to fist if you want to. But make sure when fighting zombies: DO NOT TRAP YOURSELF IN A CORNER. That corner will be your worst enemy. If you so desire on taking on a horde before you are ready (or a horde just decides to poop on you), keep running around in a circle. Make sure you don’t stand in one place. I also suggest keep moving (unless you have a stable base of where you can sleep, eat, store in peace and not have constant death).
    1. If you find a farm where there are horses, make sure to look for donkeys first of all, as they will be able to help you carry more loot on loot runs. If not, find the fastest horse. Also be prepared to use bows and swords and such on horseback, it will save you so much time. I am a pro with horseback riding in minecraft (not bragging here).

I hope this helps ya people survive ze zombie apocalypse in minecraft.

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