Update on Stuff (More stuff….)

*walks up to the stage, looking at the crowd of empty chairs and tables, then sees some random guy in the back*

“Hello all, I’d like to-” *person calls from the back of the room “Boo! Get off the stage!”*

“As I was saying, I am your host White Fang and I’d like to-” *the same guy calls “Get off the stage, you suck!”*

“Oh that does it” *pulls out radio and says into it “Do it, I’m done”*

“I have an update, and goodbye now” *runs out and then the stage gets obliterated by a M-24 Helicopter with two mini guns mounted on the sides*


As I was saying before my stage got destroyed by a helicopter I totallyΒ Don’t own… I have an update I’d like to say.

  1. I will make a WattPad account (if it’s free), and I will make another series of teenage characters who each have their own magical abilities and such, in a high school for them all (this is actually based off something I did when I still had some friends *cries*), and hopefully that will happen. I will make a post when it comes out.
  2. I will try to resurrect my youtube channel, and if you want to watch the absolute cringiest thing you will ever watch, then I guess you can watch it. Link will be in the new post about WattPad.
  3. I will downgrade on my downtime, and open an anime account. No legit, I want to open an anime account and watch anime in my spare time. I love Nekos. They are adorable πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
  4. I want to get back onto Steam, and play some 7 Days to Die, Next Day: Survival, maybe get Fortnite Battle Royale, and maybe even play a new game that I have seen come out called Sea of Thieves. These all seem quite interesting, and I want to play all of these, and I do have the time to do all of this.
  5. I WILL TRY TO ACTUALLY GET A GIRLFRIEND. Wait, no, let me reword that. I WILL ATTEMPT TO GET A DATE SOMEHOW. No, still… uh… I do want to try to actually be in a relationship though, because I’m lonellllyyyyy. I am so lonely I-… I won’t finish that sentence actually. It’d say WAY TOO MUCH ABOUT ME THAT I NOBODY ELSE KNOWS EXPECT LIKE 3 PEOPLE.


Wish me luck on everything, sends prayers to The One, and hopefully he’ll send down some of his holy guards and make my life better :). Also there is a Semi-Casual Prom thing, and since I don’t have a date (I already asked somebody and got denied hard), I might, if somebody provides me the stuff, I might actually go as a girl, get me the dress, the heels, and the stuff I need, and I’ll go dressed up as a girl. I probably won’t go, but I mean, provide me with the dress and heels (in my size of course!, and no miniskirt, please…. lol), and I’d do it. I’d do it just for the lols.


P.S. Next entry for the Zombie Apocalypse might come late this week :/

2 thoughts on “Update on Stuff (More stuff….)

  1. *You do still have friends, and I can prove it*

    All these ideas sound good. Some new games should be fun. πŸ™‚

    Except, no, no heels — I already know you wouldn’t be able to handle them, and the fall would not be pretty.

    I think Wattpad is free. Double check, though.

    I love you, you know. You are always in my prayers.


    1. Prove it then! Lol
      Ok, yea, Fortnite is already downloaded. Next games should be easy.
      I actually know to walk in heels, I really do. Don’t ask how, lol.
      I will be checking if WattPad is free.
      I know you do, and you are always in mine πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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