Zombie Apocalypse Day 4

Nick wakes up, and checks outside, and sees it’s still dark outside. He sighs and goes outside and checks the sundial and estimates it is around 3 AM. He gets up, and looks around, it being quite dark, can’t quite see much.

I wonder if there is anything that recorded these events actually… must be something. News reports, busted old TV, maybe even a camera or something…? I still wonder why there can’t be a cure. I wonder if there is even a place with snow still…

He looks around, and walks inside, searching for other things that could clue, and checks the generators as well. They are an ok 78%, and he makes sure to keep them on low power so they don’t get drained too fast. He decides to check around the house, possibly the ones near it. He climbs out of the basement and runs over and grabs his guns, and then walks outside, heading to the house next to his. He climbs in and looks around, finding nothing expect an old piece of bread, which has to be easily half a year old. He looks around, finds nothing heads to the next house. He opens the door, which falls off it’s shingles. He glances around, and finds a few dead bodies, and he stops, then creeps around, but finds nothing. He creeps out, then keeps searching.

Jesus… I wonder if anybody else is alive in the area… there must be other people, as I mean, the bunker… but that could have been a while back…

He continues looking around, until he walks into one house and it has a big pile of papers,and he searches through it, hoping to find something. Soon he wacks them onto the floor, in anger, as nothing was useful. The most useful thing was that there was a crater that formed where the town hall was, which Nick already knew about. He then walks upstairs, and sees a radio on a counter. He yells “YES!”, and runs to it, and looks at it, seeing if it can be fixed. He looks around, and finds a thing of duct tape, and starts patching up the radio. After a few attempts, the radio looking more like a ball of duct tape more than a radio, he starts tuning it, and soon finds hears some static coming out, but then it says “THIS IS AN EMERGENCY BROADCAST. CHINA HAS BEEN DEFEATED, ISIS IS ADVANCING, PREPARE YOURSELVES”. It then repeats the message again, and then the radio goes dead. 

Must have been a recorded message, I wonder why there wasn’t anymore broadcasting though. Maybe there is more broadcasting but this stupid radio is dead now!

He kicks it, then walks away, and the sun starts to creep out, and he sighs, and decides to head to the city again to find anything that could show any sign of what happened. He walks back to his house, grabs the bike, and rides off back into town. He rides around, and soon finds a big barrier that looked like it was made quickly, with a hole in it. He rides through the hole, and soon finds what seemed to be either a camp for survivors, or a military outpost. There is a military Jeep, then a few destroyed Subarus. He hops into the Jeep and tries to turn it on, but it doesn’t make a single thing of noise. He sighs and goes back to the bike. He looks around, then stops in his spot, seeing a whole horde of zombies down the alley on another road down. He doesn’t move and stares as it wanders by. When it’s gone he slowly rides off, trying not to draw any attention. He rides off, then comes to what seemed to be a skyscraper in construction. He looks at the crane, which is still standing, then the building, which is half topped, then he sees a bear, which looks zombified in the site, and he pulls up his shotgun, and tries to shoot it. He misses, terribly, and hits a barrel next to it. He sighs and reloads it, when he hears a sound, then the barrel bursts into flames.

Oh cr-

The barrel explodes, which makes all the others nearby explode as well, which then destroys whatever was holding the crane up, and the crane teeters, then collapses. He runs away, and the area disappears into a plume of smoke. He runs, wanting to get away from the area, as it probably attracted that horde. He runs and dives under an oil tanker. He waits for a few minutes, breathing hard, listening for anything that moves that isn’t him. He takes a deep breath after he feels he is safe, then he climbs out and then sees what is in front of him.

Oh. My. God.

(Cliffhangerrrr!!! You have to wait! Lol)

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