Happy Birthday to Me! (Late Post)

Hello! My birthday was on February 15th! I am not 15!

Also, the Epilogue for the music series I talked about a few posts back came out on my birthday! “GoodBye” is AMAZING!!!

Link to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EpzlFc2aIQ

I am 15 now, yeaaaaa, one more year till I am old enough to start doing driving tests (Oh carp, and yes, I said carp instead of crap)… so, yea I guess? Also I have recently joined a minecraft server where you can conquer land and stuff and be in a town and such. I joined a town where we are in the middle of a war. I have been apart of one battle. I was completely useless (like I am always), and we won, swift and easy. The enemy didn’t even come and defend. It was easy. I suck at pvp (player vs. player) though, and hopefully I can do some training and such. I feel like my better strengths are in the back lines, doing archery, and even doing stuff to hold land, doing safe defenses, and such like military stuff as I am a bit of a nerd on it. I love the military stuff. 😛


Good luck out there everybody! I hope to do the next installment of the Zombie Apocalypse Journal next week or so… depends on how the war goes on.

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