Update on the Bet I did

So, today, I did the bet. I went through. Yes. I am writing this from school (as I have no homework currently to work on), and I am wearing the heels. Lol. I am something else.

I feel like I should check my instagram later and find videos and such. It is funny, to be honest. I haven’t fallen yet, haven’t hurt myself, and, to be honest, I can barely feel the pain anymore.

I am even holding a sign saying “I lost a bet”, just so I don’t get as many looks. Haha.

I have gotten compliments for the heels I chose to wear (well, they are the only pair I CAN wear, so I mean, still), and like 3 girls want them.

The only bad part is since I picked OTK heeled boots, the boots keep sliding down 😡 I have tied the straps (these boots have straps to make sure what is happening doesn’t happen, but yet, they still do) like 5 times… Le sigh Welp. At least I am doing well in them.


Wish me luck for the rest of the day 😀

-White Fang

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