Update on the Bet I did

So, today, I did the bet. I went through. Yes. I am writing this from school (as I have no homework currently to work on), and I am wearing the heels. Lol. I am something else. I feel like I should check my instagram later and find videos and such. It is funny, to be […]

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Bets are quite a thing. Yet they can be dangerous or quite stupid. I lost a bet today. It took only 5 minutes. Not even. Now I have to wear heels for the whole school day tomorrow. le sighhhhh I’m so darn screwed. Wish me luck. Also wish me I don’t fall on my face. […]

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What The Walking Dead has given us (Sad Post, legit, this is just amazing, it will make you cry)

Now, last night, The Walking Dead was finally back on AMC, as it said it returned February 25th. Now I was expecting a heartbreaking thing, with maybe some “eh” moments like TWD has been a past few episodes. I was wrong. It blew me away. The end legit killed me. Carl did die, it has […]

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Happy Birthday to Me! (Late Post)

Hello! My birthday was on February 15th! I am not 15! Also, the Epilogue for the music series I talked about a few posts back came out on my birthday! “GoodBye” is AMAZING!!! Link to it:¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EpzlFc2aIQ I am 15 now, yeaaaaa, one more year till I am old enough to start doing driving tests (Oh […]

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Zombie Apocalypse Day 4

Nick wakes up, and checks outside, and sees it’s still dark outside. He sighs and goes outside and checks the sundial and estimates it is around 3 AM. He gets up, and looks around, it being quite dark, can’t quite see much. I wonder if there is anything that recorded these events actually… must be […]

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I’m Alive! (Maybe)

Sorry for not being active lately. I have been sick, more than usual (been sick since October here, woot woot), and I had Midterms last week, so I was busy with that (got to sleep in thoughhhh, it was soooooooo nice), and I am back at my regular schedule, don’t know if I’ll do another […]

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Update on Stuff (Yes, Stuff)

Now, I am always trying to try new things (it’s new for me… trust me….), and I want to start some…. stories I guess. I am quite torn on three topics I have though. I am torn on what I should do (because doing all three could make my mind blow up just like the […]

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Hyped for Good Music Coming!!!

I was watching my favorite music series by Rainimator. Great youtuber. I was looking at the description… and…. I saw… there’s an Epilogue!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s called “Goodbye”, and I CAN’T WAAAIIIIITTTTTTTTT OMG!!! I will cry for this one, I can already tell. The series is just amazing. The music […]

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Zombie Apocalypse Day 3

Nick wakes up and sighs, sitting in his bed for a little bit Welp, time to go see what this place has become. He gets out of bed, and then the house tremors, a crash is heard and a plume of smoke is is seen from a window Woah, another earthquake must have happened, but […]

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